I have been professionally carrying a camera for nearly 35 years and still have a passion to create beautiful photos on a daily basis. Creating a “life moment” in time with a nervous child, a teen that’s ready to take on the world, or perhaps a “new love shared”…then, combining these to capture a split second of a grin, a wink, or a dimple that turns into a full bout of laughter is what I am all about.

My 35 years experience behind the camera, helps me, to help you, look the way you want to look in a photo…FANTASTIC AND BEAUTIFUL…just the way you are!

I am a Father, (I prefer Dad) of two beautiful  girls and a husband of an amazing wife.  I know how precious it is to have memories “captured” so you can look back on them for years to come.

I love music, play guitar, piano, and sing.  When I’m not behind the camera or playing music, you’ll find me in the great outdoors, on the water in search of the biggest largemouth bass in the lake.

Whatever I’m doing, I try to view my surroundings through a lens created by God.  His beauty deserves to be captured in my photos so it can be seen and remembered forever in our hearts.

Blessings, Chris