Final Thoughts. . .

This is the place where I try to type witty words and link them to, well, pretty, eye catching, emotion grabbing, photos, while at the same time attempting to impress anyone that may stumble in this direction.  I will not now, nor will I ever declare myself to be an expert at anything.  I will admit that I can be pretty good at some things.  Photography is one of those things.  It’s a passion – a part of my life.  I’ve learned about life and how to live it from some of the best.  I’ve loved, and still love, very deeply.  I have passion and love to capture other’s passions with my camera.  If you’re here, my hope is that you’re looking for a photographer to capture, well, passion, a smile, a memory, or more.  I hope I’m the guy that can do that for and with you. After all…that’s my job.  Take a look around my website and if my pictures make you smile and you like to have fun….please, drop me a line to say hello.



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These three ladies have changed my life forever.
I would not be where I am today if not for each of them.

I love you Ladies.