I don’t think a man could be blessed more than I am.  My life is filled with the most amazing people and my family is at the top of the “List of Amazing People”.

Last Saturday I had another opportunity to take more pictures of my oldest daughter Samm.  Reason….New Prom Dress and quickly approaching Graduation.  I was inspired by her mother to take some pics on black and white backgrounds and look at these results.  WOW!  Okay…I agree…a gorgeous model certainly helps, but the fun in these pictures bleed out in every shot.

Samm… I love your smile and adore your laugh.  I can’t believe how quick and perfectly you’ve grown into the young lady you are.  I could NOT be more proud. Every time I see these pictures I’ll smile and have an unexplainable urge to whip and nae nae.

Love you kiddo,


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